At HARD yoga, class rooms are spacious. All classes are considered multi level and all are welcome. Yoga is about learning yourself. You work at a pace that is appropriate for you, always. HARD yoga is designed to be challenging to both the physical body and cardiovascular system, but also to the mind, which controls the rest.  When you learn to workout smart, then vigorous changes it's meaning, and you are wiser and fitter beyond your years.

When contrived gym workouts will not do, then try a smarter way to train.

$40 for 30 days for new students.

Have little ones?  Try CHILD FIT classes $40 for 30 days.  


HARD yoga™ FLOW: Is Monicas signature blend of a mindfully choreographed vinyasa flow with appropriate accents from power yoga, kundalini, hot yoga, ashtanga, and fitness that create a yoga experience like no other.  In this lighthearted class you will learn to loosen up while creating a longer, leaner, stronger version of yourself.  Multi-level

HARD yoga ™: Monica's MOST POPULAR CLASS. Monica's signature blend of 45 MINUTE fluid moving MASTERLY CHOREOGRAPHED vinyasa yoga complimented with various strength and fitness modalities to create a leaner, toner body without losing any of your yoga practice, strength  or time.  Monica uses her background as a personal trainer and fitness instructor to create a balanced workout aimed to leave you stronger, leaner AND enlightened. Multi-level

HARD 26 : is a traditionally taught class, following the sequence also recognized as Hot yoga or Bikram College of India. This 90 minute yoga class heals the body from soreness and overuse, to chronic misalignment and medical issues.  HARD 26 is aimed to heal the entire health system with a focus on spinal health and alignment.  26 postures are performed twice in this traditionally taught series.  90 minutes

HARD fusion:  HOT yoga philosophies approach the body from a lengthy standing series, which help achieve strength prior to moving to more advanced floor poses.  Poses are mastered prior to advancing in any way in this traditionally sequenced yoga class.  Vinyasa-Power Yoga has an endless horizon of advancement which allows for a more relaxed and fluid approach to the many layers that blossom into other poses and layers.  These two worlds are VERY DIFFERENT and yet they both provide amazing results in a variety of different ways.  Monica has bridged the worlds of HOT YOGA and VINYASA FLOW YOGA with HARD fusion, a mindful sequence of poses from these two amazing philosophies that help to achieve a unique balance of both practices.  Results leave the body uniquely balanced, energized, and closer to inner balance and peace. 60 minutes

HARD barre™:  HARD barre is HARD yoga's signature blend of ballet, dance, fitness, yoga, pilates, and strength to maximize results in minimum time.  HARD barre targets legs, gluteals, thighs and core to create not only a visible lift in your seat, but improved posture, reduced back pain and inflammation and a lean and toned body. Various equipment is provided.  60 minutes  all levels - bring your mat - rentals available 60 minutes.

HARD pilates: A wildly popular cross fusion class blending philosophies and disciplines from yoga, and the strength and core building philosophies of pilates.  all levels 60 minutes

HARD yoga KIDS:  Plant a seed that is sure to grow far beyond the classroom. Young yogis are naturally more grounded and seem to connect deeper, quicker to the many benefits of yoga. Reduce stress, anxiety, fear and increase confidence, strength, flexibility, endurance, leading to a healthy and balanced body and mind.  60 min

MEDITATION: Meditation is a proven way to soothe a number of ailments while creating a state of enlightenment or advancement in a spiritual sense. Meditation typically follows a yoga session and is designed to simply allow students a chance to explore how meditation can improve their lives through simple breathing techniques practiced while seated or in shavasana. All levels 30 min

ASHTANGA SERIES 1: Ashtanga is a method of yoga that synchronizes breath with a progressive series of postures; a process producing intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The results include improved circulation, a lean, strong body, and a calm mind. Series 1 follows the traditionally taught ashtanga principles - 90 min

CHILD-FIT:  introduces MOVEMENT to your little ones ages 12 months and up with interactive games, yoga, fitness, and more.  Begin to teach your little ones that exercising is part of a healthy and balanced life and can be fun. (CHILD FIT is offered from 8:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. weekdays / $10 drop in - $40 unlimited monthly +$20 each additional child (at time of enrollment only)

SUMMER CAMP: Offered for children 6 years and up from June 22 through August 31.  Movement based activities are prepared each day so you can work out in the next room.  You can choose from the 8:30 - 9:00 - 9:45 am classes. Summer camp runs concurrent to CHILD FIT weekdays 8:30 am - 11:00 am.  $10 drop in