Monicas HARD yoga is located at 

16161 Springdale Street 

Huntington Beach, CA 92649

At Monicas HARD yoga, class rooms are spacious with either natural light in the LARGE studio or a peaceful vibe in the ZEN studio. All classes are considered multi level and all are welcome. Yoga is about learning yourself. You work at a pace that is appropriate for you, always. Monicas HARD yoga is designed to be challenging to both the physical body and cardiovascular system, but also to the mind which controls the rest.  When you learn to workout smart, then vigorous changes it's meaning, and you are wiser and fitter beyond your years.  When contrived gym workouts will not do, then try a smarter way to train. $20 for 20 days for new students. $40 with unlimited babysitting. No preregistration necessary, just show up about 15 minutes early.  


MHYoga : Is Monicas signature blend of a mindfully choreographed vinyasa flow with appropriate accents from power yoga, kundalini, hot yoga, ashtanga, and fitness that create a yoga experience like no other.  In this lighthearted class you will learn to loosen up while creating a longer, leaner, stronger version of yourself.  Multi-level 

MHYoga FIT: Is Monicas MOST POPULAR CLASS Monica's signature blend of a fluid moving vinyasa yoga class complimented with various strength and fitness modalities to create a leaner, toner body without losing any of your yoga practice or time.  Monica uses her background as a personal trainer and fitness instructor to create a balanced workout aimed to leave you stronger, leaner and enlightened. Multi-level / Lightly Heated

YOGA 26 : Is the traditional hot yoga sequence also known as Hot yoga or Bikram. This 90 minute yoga class heals the body from soreness or overuse, to chronic misalignment and medical issues.  Yoga 26 is aimed to heal the entire health system with a focus on spinal health.  26 postures are performed twice in this traditionally taught series.  90 minutes

X-Press 26: Is a fluid moving version of Yoga 26 done in less time. 60 minutes

BARRE fusion:  A fusion class that unites the disciplines of dance and ballet with elements from pilates, yoga and fitness to create leaner, tighter, stronger gluteals.  60 minutes

HARD CORE HUSTLE: Set to high energy music, athletic inspired hip hop dance moves, and full body strength training HIIT’s (High Intensity Interval Training) this class is a total body workout.  HardCORE Hustle incorporates weights and body weight resistance to tone you from head to toe, focusing on the core throughout with dance inspired cardio to burn a ton of calories all within an hour.  A super fun and efficient way to get that CORE ready for the summer.  The combinations are broken down so anyone can get a great workout while dancing the hour away.

YOUTH YOGA:  Plant a seed that is sure to grow far beyond the classroom. Young yogis are naturally more grounded and seem to connect deeper, quicker to the many benefits of yoga.  Reduce stress, anxiety, fear and increase confidence, strength, flexibility, endurance, leading to a healthy and balanced body and mind.  

All Ages YOGA: Is a fluid moving vinyasa class that moves at a gentler pace to allow newer yogis, younger yogis, older yogis, tired yogis, injured yogis, parent and me yogis (I think you get the idea) a chance to get all the benefits of yogis without having to be good at yoga. All levels

Yin Yoga: Is an amazing complimentary class that begins with a fluid moving vinyasa and ends with restorative yoga to create deeper healing and length.  All levels

HIP HOP KIDS: This super fun and high energy class has it all.  Fun and current music, choreographed dance routines, and heart healthy cardiovascular all teach your kids how to move it while exercising their hearts.  They will surely want to go back and you can take yoga in the next room.