OK, It’s Just Great Yoga – At The Beach!

Have you ever seen people doing Yoga at the beach and thought to yourself “I should do that”? Well this summer might be the perfect time to give it a try. Monica will be leading Yoga on the Beach at Sea Legs once a month on the third Sunday through the summer.

To get you off the couch and out to the beach Sea Legs is offering a free Mimosa at the social hour after Yoga on the sand. Monica will be leading classes starting April 21st at 9:00 AM and it continues each third Sunday.

Mimosas and Yoga On the Sand

Yoga at the Beach by Monica Starting April 21st 2019
HARD yoga At The Beach, Yoga for every “BODY”

The cost is $15 unless you are a VIP Member at Hard-Yoga as this is a premium event hosted by Sea Legs. Normally a mimosa is half that, so this really is a great way to get fit and enjoy a Sunday morning.

Don’t let the name HARD yoga fool you, Monica just teaches yoga with a fitness trainers eye. If you want more she’ll give you more. It’s your yoga at the beach.

If you have been wanting to try HARD yoga or meet Monica and haven’t had the time to stop in, Sunday Morning at Sea Legs might be your answer. Monica will have discount coupons and bring a friend vouchers so you can keep your yoga going all the time. With HARD yoga just two miles from Sea Legs, keeping your yoga going couldn’t be easier or more fun.

Sign up now for yoga every third Sunday starting April 21st for this special event. You won’t want to miss this great time on the sand looking at the Pacific Ocean. The Mimosas afterwards won’t be a bad deal either.