No matter your preferred form of yoga, there’s no question that yoga provides a number of benefits. 

But do you ever wonder about the purpose of yoga? It’s more popular than ever. If so many celebrities support yoga, they must see some significant benefits of the practice. 

Today we’ll explore ten physical and mental benefits that yoga can provide to you. 

1. Build Your Strength

If you’re a beginner, you’ve probably noticed that some of the harder poses are hard to master. 

Yoga requires tremendous strength. While there’s nowhere else to start but at the beginning, continued yoga practice builds body strength — without lifting weights. 

Increased strength is one of the best physical benefits of yoga

Don’t give up too soon! Do what you can at the start and stick with it. You’ll soon feel stronger while holding your poses.

2. Find Your Balance

As your strength improves, your balance improves, too. Standing on one leg or inverting certain poses builds your core strength. 

As you focus, you’ll find it’s easier to hold your balance while posing on one leg. 

If you struggle with balance issues, yoga could be a way to help improve your physical balance. 

3. Ease Your Back Pain

It might seem like yoga poses and stretches would be harmful to your back. However, many people who suffer from back pain experience less pain while practicing yoga. 

If you sit at a computer for hours during the day, this compresses your spine. You might have low back pain from driving, too. 

Yoga helps stretch your spine and reverse the effects of sitting too long. Start with the basics and see how you feel. As your body responds to consistent stretching, you’ll feel less tension and pain in your low back. 

4. Improve Your Flexibility

It’s a misconception that you have to be flexible to do yoga.

In reality, yoga is one of the best ways to improve your flexibility. Most yogis or people who have practiced yoga for a long time didn’t start as flexible as you might think. 

As you age or if you’re an inactive person, your body can experience a loss of flexibility. Bending over or to the side becomes difficult when your flexibility becomes limited. 

No matter your level of flexibility, regular yoga practice can improve your everyday flexibility. Improved flexibility helps prevent injury — even when you’re just bending over to grab something off of the floor. 

5. Enhance Your Weight Loss

Combined with a healthy eating plan, yoga can help you lose weight. 

We’re not referring only to hot yoga. Any type of yoga can help strengthen your body and help you lose weight.

No matter your ability or fitness level, daily yoga practice helps speed up your metabolism. When your metabolism speeds up, it’s one of the factors to help you burn more calories. 

6. Reduce Your Anxiety

Yoga is often chided as a “hippie” practice — love, peace, and yoga.

There’s some merit to that idea. But yoga isn’t just for hippie chicks or men with man buns.

You’ll find people who love yoga from all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. And many of them find that reducing anxiety is one of the greatest benefits or regular yoga.

Daily yoga can help you sleep better. When you sleep better, you feel less anxious.

Stretching and controlling your breathing are both powerful ways to release tension in the body–and mind. 

Even in it’s simplest form, a good five-minute session in child’s pose to stretch the low back and breathe slowly can have big benefits to reduce stress and anxiety.  

7. Increase Your Muscle Tone

We already mentioned that yoga builds strength without lifting weights. 

Naturally, as you gain strength, your muscles might begin to show more tone and definition. 

You don’t have to lift weights to build the body you want. Holding your muscles in prolonged yoga poses can increase muscle mass and improve definition. 

Some of those muscular bodies you see at the gym or on TV are a result of regular yoga practices — not deadlifts or bicep curls. 

Don’t let the calm nature of yoga fool you. It’s a serious strength and bodybuilding tool without the extra stress on your body.

8. Support Your Joints

Yoga is ideal for improved joint health. Because it’s a low-impact activity, it’s the perfect way to improve joint strength and flexibility. 

Joints become stiff and prone to injury when they lose flexibility. When your knee’s movements become restricted, you increase the possibility of injury during normal daily activity. 

Yoga helps stretch the muscles around your joints. When your muscles are more flexible, this reduces the load on your joints. Your muscles pitch in to help carry your weight and move freely. 

If you suffer from arthritis or other joint discomforts, try yoga as part of your health plan. 

9. Helps You Breathe Deeper

Yoga is a study in deep, rhythmic breathing. Deep breathing is beneficial to your body and your mind. 

Controlling your breathing is a great response to stressful situations. Use yoga to develop the practice of deep breaths for maximum oxygen intake.

10. Upgrade Your Overall Fitness

When you combine any number of the benefits of yoga, you’ll see an improvement in your overall level of fitness. 

Yoga is good strength training, excellent cardio, speeds up your metabolism, and helps you think clearer. These benefits help provide positive improvements in your fitness — no matter your starting level of fitness.

Simply put, there aren’t many single things you can do at the gym to achieve as many benefits as you can with consistent yoga practice. 

The Purpose of Yoga is Your Well-Being

Your well-being is the most important thing you have. Helping you be the best you can be, body and soul, is the purpose of yoga. 

Take advantage of the benefits of yoga. Whether you practice at home using our on-demand programs, or you schedule time in the studio, it’s always a good time to let yoga work for you. 

Contact Monica’s HARD yoga to find the best yoga solution for your needs. 

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