If you have wondered if there is Yoga for weight loss, there is a simple answer, and that is yes. Yes, yoga can help with weight loss. In this video fitness expert Monica Carroll, founder of HARD yoga, talks about the benefits of yoga. Monica also talks about how yoga can help you lose weight.

While there are many benefits to yoga like increasing muscle tone and flexibility, weight loss with Yoga is the focus of todays video with Monica. As the mother of two, Monica understands how hard it can be to lose weight. Weight loss with yoga is natural by-product of the yoga experience.

There is a misconception that yoga doesn’t increase metabolism. Some think that yoga isn’t really exercising because you are just sitting around breathing. Until now the Apple Watch fit bit and many other wearables didn’t give you any credit for yoga. Even with no reading on Watch OS 3 or 4, the results of the members of HARD yoga were undeniable. Recently Apple figured out this was not right and added Yoga Tracking to Watch OS 5.

As Monica says, don’t let the name fool you, yoga is only as hard as you want it to be. As a fitness expert and Yogi, Monica created HARD yoga so every “body” could join in from beginner to advanced athletes. “You should not be intimidated by the long time practitioners of yoga. We all started somewhere, even me” says Monica.